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From Volker Weber <>
Subject Re: Instructions for maven-based build MyFaces (Please Test)
Date Sat, 03 Dec 2005 17:12:44 GMT

i have added the poms to build the examples to the test repository, and
also moved/copied the needed files. All steps documented in the wiki.

I used the structure suggested by Bruno, except that i don't renamed the
directories (to prefix examples), so i don't change the current
structure, just adding poms. And no examples-commons is needed, the
SourceCodeServlet is already in myfaces-commmons.jar, if there should be
other common files they are maybe missing.

I did a quick walk through the deployed examples and everythig seems to
work, but i don't know the exact behavior of most components so someone
else should test again, especially for missing common files (see comment

I also added a pom for wap example, but i can't test and have no old war
to compare content.



Bruno Aranda wrote:
> For the examples I think we need one module for each webapp example
> (blank, simple, sandbox, tiles) and one module for the common logic of
> the examples (e.g. The SourceCodeServlet, for instance). So we could
> have this structure?
> myfaces-examples
>    |
>   + - examples-commons
>    |
>   + - examples-blank
>    |
>   + - examples-simple
>    |
>   + - examples-sandbox
>    |
>   + - examples-tiles
> Regards,
> Bruno

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