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From Sean Schofield <>
Subject Re: We need a Solaris Zone
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2005 14:04:22 GMT
> The Gump project has different goals : it does "continious" builds of
> all the latest development versions.

So all projects do *not* already have the capability provided by
Continuum.  That's why James is experimenting with it for Struts. 
Maven has their own Continuum server as well.  My point is that for
something like Continuum it makes sense to share no?  For something
like Tomcat, each project will have its own needs and will want to
configure things a certain way so I can see why each project will have
its own instance of Tomcat (or none if its not needed.)

> MyFaces is already on the gump build..

So I've heard.  I don't know who set that up.  At some point I would
like to look into it.  The more pressing concern for me is to get
regular builds on *ASF* hardware using the current version of the

> Martin


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