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From Alberto Molpeceres <>
Subject ListDataModel in PanelNavigation2?
Date Mon, 07 Nov 2005 12:19:53 GMT

I'm new to this list, so, I don't know if this is the correct place to
talk about this issue, or I should talk first to component's developer
directly or if there are a list for tomahawk component's issues that
I've found yet.

Well. I'm trying to use PanelNavigation2, and it works fine. My
problem is that since I create the menu dinamically, I can't define a
diferent outcome for every item (I'll have 3-5 different outcomes at
most). So, I need to know which entry has been clicked exactly.

I have been looking at the code of the component, and I have found in
org.apache.myfaces.custom.navmenu.NavigationMenuUtils, method
addNavigationMenuItems (line 96+), that it checks if the components to
be added are instances on NavigationMenuItem, NavigationMenuItem[] or

I would like to use ListDatAmodel instead, so I can get which item has
been selected, but I supposed it's not so easy like adding a new "if
value instanceof ListDataModel" and the component will need some extra

Thank you for your attention,


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