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From Volker Weber <>
Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (MYFACES-705) Overflow problem with InputSuggestAjax
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2005 16:52:38 GMT
Hi Martin,

are the nightly sandbox examples anywhere in public deployed?

the examples at are without my patches.

i can't do a fresh checkout here (@work) because my svn client can't
https :-(.

what is the problem? i had checked with opera, ie and mozilla before
creating the patch.


Martin Marinschek (JIRA) wrote:
>     [
> Martin Marinschek commented on MYFACES-705:
> -------------------------------------------
> Volker,
> obviously your fix introduced another problem - the inputSuggestAjax component doesn't
render correctly in the IE anymore.
> Can you check this again?
> regards,
> Martin
>>Overflow problem with InputSuggestAjax
>>         Key: MYFACES-705
>>         URL:
>>     Project: MyFaces
>>        Type: Bug
>>  Components: Sandbox
>>    Versions: 1.1.2
>>    Reporter: Volker Weber
>>    Assignee: Martin Marinschek
>>    Priority: Minor
>> Attachments: patches.diff, suggestAjax-length.png, suggestAjax-wrap.png
>>During working on adding inputSuggestAjax functionality to tobagos in component i
found this problem:
>>1. maybe not realy a bug, but i dont like it: If the suggested item doesn't fit into
the popup div the content is wrapped (only if there are spaces).
>>    see attached image suggestAjax-wrap.png.
>>2. and this is a bug:  If the suggested item contains no Spaces and doesn't fit into
the popup div the items continue rendering out of the popupDiv.
>>    see attached image suggestAjax-long.png.
>>problem 1 is easy to fix: just add "whitespace: nowrap;" to the LI style, but this
moves problem 1 to problem 2.
>>I'll try to fix this for tobago and provide a backport patch then.

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