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From Bernd Bohmann <>
Subject Re: Volunteers Needed
Date Tue, 15 Nov 2005 21:56:16 GMT

I'm not a forrest expert, but the maven format looks simpler.
I will ask Arvid for the differences and for a possible migration path.

Is the documentation for the tags in the forrest trunk generated?

The url for the xdocs is wrong:
svn co
should be
svn co

Why you want to mavenize the website first? I think this should be the 
last part. In tobago we start from ant to the "maven task for ant" and 
finaly maven.
Maven is not a publishing system like forrest, but it makes many things 
simpler for a developer.

The Tobago website wasn't "mavenized" tobago was "mavenized".
We use maven because it has dependency management is idea aware
a defined lifecyle... see

Can you describe the Solaris zones or where I find information?


Sean Schofield schrieb:
> Bernd,
> I actually saw the Tobago site earlier this morning and noticed it was
> "mavenized."  So are you willing to help with the site conversion?  Do
> you know if our existing xdocs for forrest will work or do we need to
> start over?
> sean
> On 11/15/05, Bernd Bohmann <> wrote:
>>Hello Sean,
>>tobago has been converted to maven2.
>>I think maven provide a solution for many common problems
>>(deploy site..deployment, release management).
>>We would like to share our experiences with maven.
>>We can use myfaces/tobago for a starting point for a maven2
>>Please look at the project page:
>>Sean Schofield schrieb:
>>>There are a lot of new intrastructure changes going on.  One major
>>>development is the advent of Solaris "zones."  The Struts project is
>>>already making use of these zones and I think we should too.  I am not
>>>up to speed on everything but I am working on it.  The problem ... not
>>>enough time in the day.
>>>We need a few volunteers who are willing to work on upgrading the
>>>website build procedure.  Right now our automated procedure builds but
>>>it doesn't deploy.  I'd also like to see if we could deploy the
>>>example apps on one of the new zones.  Finally, it might be nice to
>>>see if we could build the website using Maven.
>>>I'm not at all familiar with Maven but I've seen enough to want to
>>>give it a try.  I also think that building the website with Maven (or
>>>Maven2) would be a good opportunity for everyone to get familiar with
>>>Maven before deciding on migrating the rest of the build to Maven.
>>>I am willing to put in some time on this but its a massive job and
>>>things are very busy for me lately.  If there are one or two people
>>>who want to help I am willing to do my part.  It would be great if
>>>some of the Struts team could pitch in since they just did this
>>>excercise themselves but I don't want to volunteer them.
>>>You don't need to be a committer to help.  You just need plenty of spare time.
>>Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Bohmann - Atanion GmbH - Software Development
>>Bismarckstr. 13, 26122 Oldenburg,
>>phone: +49 441 4082312, mobile: +49 173 8839471, fax: +49 441 4082333

Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Bohmann - Atanion GmbH - Software Development
Bismarckstr. 13, 26122 Oldenburg,
phone: +49 441 4082312, mobile: +49 173 8839471, fax: +49 441 4082333

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