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From Ed Burns <>
Subject ##jsf IRC channel
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2005 13:48:57 GMT
Hello MyFaces developers and users,

Wide distribution intended.

  I'm sure all of us working on JSF technologies are
aware of the growing
popularity of Ruby on Rails.  One manifestation of
this popularity is
the vitality of the community around the technology,
and one
manifestation of that vitality is the traffic on the
#rubyonrails IRC
channel.  To that end, and by way of good practice in
general, I want to
increase the vitality of the ##jsf irc channel on

  Since posting this blog entry [1], I've been on the
channel every day
and have answered a few questions.  I'd like to extend
an invitation to
everyone on these lists to join me in hanging out on
this channel.



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