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From "Vitaliy Shevchuk" <>
Subject Re: Better integration of AjaxAnywhere and MyFaces
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2005 04:38:12 GMT


Let's discuss the following subjects: 


1. What can ajax frameworks do for MyFaces. What do you guys expect from an ajax framework
to use it with MyFaces?

Are we looking for a layered architecture of Ajax framework? Pluggable transport layers, controllers,
presentation updaters (innerHTML vs DOM)?

Does MyFaces need a partial page refresh solution, like AjaxAnywhere?

Is AjaxAnywhere good enough to become a peace of future MyFaces Ajax puzzle? 


2. What MyFaces can do to improve? Should MyFaces become more open to allow easier and cleaner
integration of third party solutions? 


2.1. Today AjaxAnywhere requires STATE_SAVING_METHOD=session to integrate with MyFaces application.
Possibility to indicate a position where JSF tree and state is saved would be a solution to
support STATE_SAVING_METHOD=client. To do so, a new MyFaces component is needed, something
like <t:stateSavingLocation>. Do you think it's possible to add such component?


2.2 Another direction is providing some JavaScript events/callbacks so that user could catch
clicks/actions inside JSF components. First, last, back forward for dataScroller; column sort
for dataTable, etc.. 

Possible implementation: on the client side, each MyFaces component provides addEventListener()/removeEventListener()
javascript methods. 

What do you think?




  ----- Original Message ----- 
  From: Martin Cooper 
  To: MyFaces Development 
  Sent: Tuesday, November 08, 2005 9:10 AM
  Subject: Re: Better integration of AjaxAnywhere and MyFaces

  On 11/8/05, Grant Smith <> wrote:
    I agree, lets keep this in the open. I'm also interested in the possible integration of
the Taconite library into MyFaces, for example.

  I wasn't aware of Taconite until now. It's disappointing to see yet another library that
doesn't bother with namespacing, and that hacks built-in JavaScript types. It would be nice
if those issues could be fixed before trying to integrate with something like MyFaces.

  Martin Cooper

    On 11/7/05, Martin Cooper < > wrote:

      On 11/7/05, Martin Marinschek <> wrote:
        I'd be very interested to discuss that (me being the creator of some
        of the AJAX enabled components of Apache MyFaces).

        contact me at Google Talk at any time...

      Just wanted to point out that taking discussion to GoogleTalk isn't really a good idea.
It shuts everyone else out of the discussion, and the discussion is no longer available in
public archives for people to come along and read later, or look back on to see why a certain
decision was made.

      At the ASF, we encourage all of the development discussion to take place on the public
mailing lists, so that development decisions aren't being made "in secret", and everyone can
see all of what's going on within the projects. Community is king.

      Martin Cooper



        On 11/7/05, Vitaliy Shevchuk <> wrote:
        > Hi,
        > I'm the creator of AjaxAnywhere ( , an
        > Apache 2 licensed solution for partial page refresh that turns any set of 
        > existing JSP or JSF components into AJAX-aware components without complex
        > JavaScript coding. It also provides a default graceful fallback possibility
        > to keep the application operational with older browsers. 
        > Since the latest release, AjaxAnywhere includes a pure JSF implementation
        > for a partial page refresh. Since this point, we consider the project
        > interesting enough for the JSF world.
        > Would you be interested in some kind of collaboration/partnership between
        > our projects? Today AA is able to integrate into MyFaces application without
        > changing its Renderers, however some JavaScript tricks are still required. 
        > What do you think of discussing MyFaces + AjaxAnywhere integration
        > possibilities? Of course, AjaxAnywhere is able to coexist with other AJAX
        > solutions.
        > For example: It's difficult to support client state saving with partial page

        > refresh; a new component that indicates where to save state on the client
        > page would be helpful.
        > Another example: adding more events/hooks/callbacks to allow third party
        > components intercepting user clicks inside MyFaces components. 
        > Any feedback is welcome.
        > Thanks.
        > Vitaliy Shevchuk.

        Your JSF powerhouse -
        JSF Trainings in English and German

    Grant Smith

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