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From "Jesse Alexander \(KBSA 21\)" <>
Subject RE: Super!
Date Thu, 20 Oct 2005 11:40:38 GMT
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IMO having a max number of views stored in the session is quite
adequate for this. If the user navigates to other pages the oldest
view is dropped if the max number is reached. Correct me if I´m wrong
but this is different to the RI. AFAIK RI stores the last n views
based on a view. So you can end up with:

number of pages (view) * max number of saved views = max number of
saved views in session

I don´t like this solution since it produces unpredictable results in
memory consumption. myfaces solution now stores only the last n number
of rendered views in the session.

If there is a memory problem the user might choose to use client side
state instead or reduce the number of views in the session.
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And if the mechanism is not depending on the fact to always expect
a "cache-hit" for the yiew, it would be possible to use a session-listener
to do the additional cleanup anyway.


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