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From "Jesse Alexander \(KBSA 21\)" <>
Subject RE: Super!
Date Thu, 20 Oct 2005 10:28:50 GMT
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defines the number of the latest views stored in the session with a
default of 20 (like RI)
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Great... one less test/investigation I have to do before being able to
request that JSF gets mandatory for our company's webapps ;-)

I am just now wondering whether a timeout value for such session-view
objects might make sense as a further tuning mechanism.
The idea is to sort of clean the session from view that are called only
once (eg. login-usecase) or very seldom...

especially for big apps with lots of users this could be crucial.

Or should we device something that would allow this mechanism to be
per page. EG. the login pages do not need to remain in the session...


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