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From Mathias Brökelmann <>
Subject Re: Super!
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2005 08:04:22 GMT
You are right the two objects in SerailizedView are serialized and put
into the session.

The instances of the server side state where not serialized before.
This doesn´t affect the component instances since they are only
referenced by class name in the state but it could have an effect on
the state of the components. Some components may have statefull
objects in their state (t:savestate for instance)

The next thing is that clustering or a restart of the container is now
better supported because the user will see a NotSerializeableException
immediatly if a value of the state is not serializable.

2005/10/18, Adam Winer <>:
> What exactly do you mean by "the serialized view is now really
> serialized (this was not the case before)"?  Before, server-side
> state saving (at least in 1.1 RI) was just stashing the UIViewRoot,
> which dies for a bunch of reasons.  I'm gonna guess that
> you grab the SerializedView object with StateManager.saveState(),
> and then save off its two components.


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