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From Martin Marinschek <>
Subject Re: Submitting JSF Form after disabling the submit button
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2005 11:17:28 GMT
Yes, you are right.

For disabled and readonly components, the actions are not executed and
the value is not read back. That is so specified - to make sure that
the user cannot change the value client side if you don't want to
allow him to do so server side.



On 10/17/05, Kevin Roast <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have come across a small issue, I'm not sure if it's MyFaces or not, so
> I'll post here and if anyone thinks they know what's going on…
> For our web-client, we want to stop the user submitting forms more than
> once, e.g. stop multiple clicks on the Submit buttons. The easy way to do
> this could be to add an onclick handler to the Submit button (or too the
> Form itself) which disables the appropriate button before submitting the
> form. This is easy enough, so something like:
> <h:form id="myform">
>    // some form fields here
>    …
>    // submit button
>    <h:commandButton id="finish" value="Finish" action="#{MyBean.finish}"
> onclick="javascript:disableButton(this);" />
> </h:form>
> The disableButton() javascript simply sets the button disabled attribute to
> true.
> The form will submit and the browser refreshes the page refreshes BUT none
> of the JSF lifecycle stuff, page navigation or action methods etc. have
> occurred.
> I guess because the submit has been disabled it is not a "successful" form
> control and myfaces is not executing the lifecycle?
> Any help here would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Kevin
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