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From "Roland Oertig" <>
Subject Class NavigationMenuItem and Tag navigationMenuItem
Date Mon, 24 Oct 2005 12:13:36 GMT
Hi all


I got a question.

Can one explain me, why the binding option from the tag  NavigationMenuItem
is not supported in the NavigationMenuItem class.

Is there any reason to not support it?


As we do not have the option to set a listener for the class
NavigationMenuItem it is actually practically impossible in a backing bean
to identify which Menu node (NavigationMenuItem) has fired (or has been
chosen)   inside a panelNavigation. The binding of the NavigationMenuItem
wouls at least help to get the menu object which has been chosen.


The background of my question:

I came across that problem, because I use a dynamic menu construction and
need to do some computing in the backing bean, which differs following the
chosen menu item. The menus are defined in a XML file and there is no need
to touch the backing bean in case the menu definitions changes. Therefore I
don't want to set different "action" function to call per
NavigationMenuItem. I shall use a central common function which is able to
identify the chosen NavigationMenuItem.


<t:panelNavigation2 id="navMenu1" >

      <t:navigationMenuItems id="mainMenuItems" value="#{}"



Thanks a lot for any info.




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