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From Martin Cooper <>
Subject JavaScript in MyFaces (was Re: New date parser in javascript)
Date Thu, 06 Oct 2005 18:34:57 GMT
Can I suggest a high-level discussion of how you're going to structure all 
of the JavaScript code in MyFaces? I'm concerned that you'll end up with a 
fragmented JavaScript code base, with each widget using its own style and 
way of doing things, which would be, um, less than optimal.

I'm also very concerned right now that, unless I'm mistaken, all of the 
code seems to be going into the global JavaScript namespace. This is OK, I 
guess, if you're building an application, but it's definitely not OK for a 
toolkit, since you're quickly going to end up with conflicts as people use 
your toolkit to build applications. (Unfortunately, it seems that the 
Prototype toolkit itself has this problem.)

My 2 cents...

Martin Cooper

On Thu, 6 Oct 2005, Martin Marinschek wrote:

> Hi *,
> I have added the first draft of a javascript date parser - it would be
> great if you could check it out, add functionality as needed (should
> be pretty straightforward) and (of course) use it!
> regards,
> Martin

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