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From "Jesse Alexander \(KBSA 21\)" <>
Subject RE: Java 5 code in Sandbox ?
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2005 13:13:40 GMT
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Because it makes things more complicated.  We've got enough on our
plate now.  At some point when J2SE 5.0 becomes the standard we will
switch to it.
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the question is WHEN is a new JDK standard?
I know enterprises (and some of them big companies) that are just now 
desperately trying to get rid of the last web-applications that 
run on JDK 1.1

I think one needs to calculate at least 2 years after GA of the usual
app-servers (servlet-engines) that use the new JDK to have at least 80% 
of the companies to have switched to the new system...


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