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From Sean Schofield <>
Subject Branch merge complete
Date Wed, 28 Sep 2005 19:36:27 GMT
I merged the latest branch changes down to the trunk.  If there are
more branch changes between now and Friday morning (or as a result of
the RC testing) then I will merge them down periodically.

Here are some important notes regarding the SVN merging process and
how we have our repository set up ... (Eventually this should make its
way into a wiki)

You need to identify the start and end point of the set of changes
that you want to merge.  For the first merge you do down to the trunk
you want to be very careful in selecting the start point.  You should
select the revision number after the last revision related to the
creation of the branch and the setup of the new svn:externals.  I
accidentally selected a revision after the creation of the branch but
then noticed there were changes to subprojects that I didn't think had
changed.  Turns out I was merging in the svn:externals which would be
a DISASTER.  We don't want the externals from the branch to EVER be in
the trunk.  Otherwise we will be working with the branch code even
though we think we are modifying the trunk.

When committing its important to mention the direction of the merge
(ie. branch to trunk) and the revisions that were merged (ie. r292022
- r292231).  This will help make sure that only the new changes are
merged down the next time.  So the next merge down can be (r292232 -
???) where ??? = the latest revision number at the moment.


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