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From Sean Schofield <>
Subject Re: 100.000 Hits a day
Date Tue, 27 Sep 2005 12:19:55 GMT
JSF is definately gaining momentum.  There is another group of
programmers from a rival consulting group in our building.  I kept
telling this guy about how JSF was really cool.  This time he finally
listened and he reported back to me that he was going to use it in his
next project.  He asked me if I had hear of MyFaces ;-)


On 9/27/05, Werner Punz <> wrote:
> Yes, the funny thing is, that Seam and Struts Ti both claim to try to
> achieve rails ease of use, which is a mythical claim, you cannot achieve
> that without extension of the java introspection api, or a rework of it
> ;-), but at least Seam simplifies some issue really a lot.
> Anyway, having had the nice experience of a Struts project recently I am
> glad that things are moving forward in the pure struts realm as well.
> Struts works but, it shows its age and one thing the framework
> definitely needs with its byzantine xml syntax is a clean cut.
> Which JSF provides and hopefully Struts Ti will provide as well.
> The problem with moving forward is sort of the mindshare of many j2ee
> devs, which are not eager to move beyound their being used to it realm.
> Werner
> Matthias Wessendorf wrote:
> > The struts guys are also working on another "version" of  Struts 2.0
> >
> > currently they started Struts Ti (I guess Don Brown was the father of "Ti").
> > Also like you mentioned Shale is outthere in struts landscape, which
> > is backed to a  Java EE standard :-)
> >
> > -Matthias
> >

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