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From Sean Schofield <>
Subject Re: JIRA says that many issues affects 1.0.m10 versions
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2005 17:30:01 GMT
Its a little confusing.  Back when we decided to make a 1.0.10 branch
I changed the JIRA issue.  Then I changed "Nightly" version to
"1.0.10m10" and added a *new* "Nightly" version.  This is a JIRA short
cut that doesn't require a manual fix of everything that was closed
out as nightly (which should now read 1.0.10.)

Since there was a lot of JSF 1.1 compat stuff being fixed on the
trunk, the idea was that those were to be fixed in "nightly" and not
1.0.10 since the 1.0.10 code was more or less frozen.

I'm currently thinking we should put some of the recent changes into
1.0.10 so here's my plan (see also earlier email.):

Create new 1.0.10 branch (with everything from HEAD) up until today. 
Any JIRA issues that were closed as "Nightly" over the past week
change to "1.0.10m10" (unfortunately this has to be done manually.) 
Any issues *reported* against 1.0.10 should be changed to nightly. 
Any issues closed after today should be marked *fixed* in nightly.

Make sense?


On 9/7/05, Bruno Aranda <> wrote:
> What has happened to JIRA? Most of the bugs now say that the affected
> version is the 10.0.m10...

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