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From Sylvain Vieujot <>
Subject Re: [proosal] Changes to sandbox
Date Mon, 26 Sep 2005 18:57:07 GMT
I too think it makes sens to release the sandbox into the

But if we do that, then this jar needs to contain a faces-config.xml
that merges the ones from tomahawk & from the sandbox (build file,
merge-sandbox target).
The process for merging the faces-config.xml files & the tld is
basically the same. That's why I think of it as a logical step.
I don't see how removing it will improve the code.
I didn't knew we would keep the tld fragments in the sandbox's tld once
they are promoted to tomahawk, and that was the main idea behind the
"all tld".
But, are we sure it's the good solution to keep old components forever
in the sanbox tld. It'll be increasingly hard to maintain and to keep
synchronized with the one of tomahawk.
So, I prefer the path of having an all in one tld, but to clearly mark
it as unstable as it contains sandbox's components.


On Mon, 2005-09-26 at 12:12 -0600, Bill Dudney wrote:

> I like this approach too. sandbox.jar is separate but part of the  
> release.
> I'm equally OK with putting the sandbox stuff into the myfaces- 
> all.jar with a separate tld (i.e. don't do the 'all' tld). Users wont  
> be confused because its in a separate tld.
> I don't agree that its a lazy/not lazy thing, its just simpler to  
> have one jar file with the whole thing instead of multiple.
> -bd-
> On Sep 26, 2005, at 11:57 AM, Sean Schofield wrote:
> >> Issue 2: making an exception for sandbox in the build:
> >>
> >> @Sean: Still, I think we shouldn't make an exception to the build for
> >> the sandbox.jar when releasing - I'd say we just release it as well,
> >> clearly indicating that this is experimental stuff.
> >>
> >
> > I might be persuaded to accept this route.  It would certainly be
> > easier (we wouldn't have to worry about skipping the sandbox.)
> >
> > So we would get rid of myfaces all TLD and *not* include sandbox in
> > myfaces-all.jar right?  Everything would be in sandbox.jar and thar
> > jar would be available in both the nightly and release builds?
> >
> > Is that what you are proposing?
> >
> > sean
> >

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