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Subject RE: Moderator mailbox overflow
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2005 17:04:14 GMT
This is perhaps a naive related question: Why are we using mailing lists
as opposed to usenet newsgroups?  Are they easier to manage?

- Brendan

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From: Sean Schofield [] 
Sent: Tuesday, August 09, 2005 11:40 AM
To: MyFaces Development
Subject: Re: Moderator mailbox overflow

I'd be interested to hear how other projects handle this as well.  I
certainly agree with you that you should not be stuck moderating all
of these emails.

Is unsubscribed user the only reason why you would get an email in
your moderator queue?  If so I think its approrpiate to automatically
send an email back to the user letting them know they are not
subscribed, etc.  This should work for gmail users as well.


On 8/9/05, Manfred Geiler <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Since our mailing list traffic is growing from day to day we are also
> facing more and more moderator mails. As you all (hopefully! ;-) know
> our lists are both "subcribers only" which is documented on our
> homepage. Every email from a non-subscriber is held for moderation.
> There are two kinds of users affected:
>  * New users who either have not read the "subcribers only" hint or
> catched our list adresses somewhere else. (Don't know where they would
> expect the answer. Personally? Not very nice community thinking...)
>  * Old users who changed their emails and forget to (re)subscribe or
> users who sporadically use an alternative adress (e.g. web mail)
> Now comes my question (or better: cry for help ;-)
> Does anybody have ideas how we can manage this in the future? Back
> from a 5(!) days vacation since yesterday I still have 20 moderator
> mails of such kind waiting for confirmation. (Not mentioning the 50
> spam mails which I can drop easily but have to open each though)
> I am afraid of beeing absent longer!  :-)
> Until now I handled those mails in a friendly manner. Which means,
> that I accepted those mails and at the same time sent a kind
> "subcribers only" reminder to the sender. Since MyFaces moderation
> should not be my full time job I do not want to handle it that way any
> longer. Someone might say: that's ok, bad luck for the ignorant. But:
> I see a problem for (at least) all gmail users. Gmail has the feature
> of hiding duplicate mails, so you never see your own mail coming back
> from the list. Which is fantastic in most cases, of course. But for
> the mentioned cases gmail users never will be aware of their mail
> beeing stuck, they would just wonder why nobody answers.
> What do you think? How do other projects handle this? Any ideas?
> Periodically send reminders on the lists?
> Better noticeable hint on the homepage?
> Thanks,
> Manfred

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