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From "Jens Weintraut" <>
Subject dataTable embedded in panelTab
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2005 07:20:47 GMT

I've a problem with a myFaces project. It's a simple one-page webapp to show
some status information.
I've a TabbedPane with two PanelTabs. The first PanelTab contains these

    <dataTable var=status></dataTable>
    <dataTable var=location>
        <dataTable value=someMap[location] var=queue>
          Here I output the 'location' and some 'queue'-data.

In the 2nd panelTab I use tree2 and a dataTable to visualize the data
related to the selected node.

When I navigate to the 2nd panelTab, Tomcat outputs several times (mostly 5
times) this message: 'Variable 'location' could not be resolved.'
But the only place I use 'location' is in the first panelTab. So I guess
there might be a bug.

Or is there a big mistake in my implementation?

Jens Weintraut

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