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From Bruno Aranda <>
Subject Re: Upcoming release
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2005 06:48:51 GMT
+1 We need to put some order in the releases so it is more clear what
the objective of the release is and if the objectives are fullfilled.
As for the next release version I would also use the 1.0.10 for the
same reasons...
I have no experience in this stuff, but of course, I am always open to
learning, although next week I am leaving for three weeks on vacation
to the Norht-eastern USA / Canada ;-) and I will don't have access to
the internet (I just need to disconnect a while from computers and
come with fresh ideas after vacation ;-) )...
I've looked at the release plans for struts/shale and we definitely
need to do something like that!



2005/8/2, Craig McClanahan <>:
> On 8/1/05, Sean Schofield <> wrote:
> >
> > I also think we should have a release plan.  I just saw the Shale
> > release plan ( and I
> > think we should "rip" Craig's release plan and use it as a foundation
> > for our own.  This is how the serious ASF projects do things and I
> > think with each release we should be trying to be aligning ourselves
> > more and more with the ASF standards onthese sorts of things.
> >
> > Thoughts?
> >
> Doing something like this is definitely a good idea, but you are
> giving me too much credit :-).  The Struts release managers (James,
> Martin, et. al.) have been following this sort of disciplined approach
> at least back into the 1.2.2 days, and they deserve the credit for
> formalizing a checklist like this for release managers to follow.
> > sean
> Craig

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