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From Werner Punz <>
Subject Re: Subproject name
Date Sat, 02 Jul 2005 21:31:52 GMT
Obsidian has been used many many times in different products,
there might be some kind of law problem there in the long run

(I just recalled Obsidian entertainment)
Given the current state of affairs of rampand going lawyers especially
in germany, although I like the name, it might become problematic
in the long run for people using the stuff.


Manfred Geiler wrote:
> One last proposal from my side for a "catchy" name for the new
> components and extensions sub project.
> (Devised by a good friend of mine)
> "Apache Obsidian"
> Obsidian = a stone that can have many colors and serve different
> purposes: decoration, arrow head, pendulum, ...
> And there is a nice connection: this stone is also known as "Apache Tears".
> Ok, someone of you will again annotate: hey, "tears", "arrow head" -
> negative touch, and that...  ;-)
> Yes, the legend is a sad story, but it's also kind of commemoration.
> So, I do not count it negative in that sense.
> Sorry, for once more annoying you with that. But as we saw at the
> JavaOne, there is already a very very great interest in our project.
> And the interest will grow. And the greatest interest will be in our
> custom component set. I insist, that to be market ready and to be able
> to compete we *must* have a catchy name for our components. People
> sitting together at lunch do not say "Hey, have you already tried the
> Apache JSF Components and Extensions blabla?". They say things like:
> "You want some cool JSF component set? Hey, look at Apache Obsidian -
> that really rocks!"
> I do not see the necessity for a self-explaining name. Why? If a guy
> is searching, he will do some googling and land on our sub-project
> page very soon. Give me a reality scenario where a person has to guess
> from the name of a project, what's it for. I cannot imagine one.
> And, hey: We do not say "A beautiful, safe and better browser", we
> just say "Firefox", don't we?  ;-)
> Thoughts?
> -Manfred
> 2005/6/22, Sylvain Vieujot <>:
>> My choice would go to Apache Server Faces Extensions because :
>> - It's the most descriptive
>> - It's easier to understand it doesn't need the MyFaces extensions
>> - I've already spent to many hours trying to understand what was beyond
>>those funny names like Tomcat, Lenya, Forest, Cocoon, ... whereas for
>>projects like Directory, SpamAssassin, Logging, Commons-xxx, and to some
>>extends MyFaces, you don't need to read the documentation to know what it's
>> But if you want to choose a "catchy" name, I'll be ok with that.
>> Sylvain.
>> On Tue, 2005-06-21 at 20:06 +0200, Bruno Aranda wrote: 
>> Although I am still not a commiter officialy,I think that 'tomahawk'
>>is the best candidate as it is the most extended and used name right
>>now. I also think that this must be solved soon as it might be a
>>source of confusion if everyone calls the subproject in a different
>>2005/6/21, Sean Schofield <>:
>>>I just wanted to send out a brief offlist email about the subproject
>>>name (for the components + goodies subproject.) Can we reach a
>>>consensus on the name? We're getting a lot of input from people who
>>>otherwise don't contribute much to the project.
>>>Since only the committers votes count, can we come up with a consensus
>>>name to vote on? I didn't include all committers on this email b/c
>>>not all committers are active. Lets decide a name we like and then
>>>put it up for a formal vote on the list. I'd like to reach a decision
>>>before Thursday so I can incorporate it into the SVN reorg.

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