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From Martin Marinschek <>
Subject Re: MyFaces 1.0.9: how old? how stable? what's next?
Date Sat, 30 Jul 2005 07:23:08 GMT
right, clear, the examples I had in mind were applications using MyFaces 
anyway - they shouldn't wander into the codebase of MyFaces.



On 7/30/05, Grant Smith <> wrote:
> I wasn't suggesting a new *set* of examples. Just a single new one that 
> shows off jscookMenu / panelNavigation combined.
> Bruno Aranda wrote: 
> In that case, if we are thinking in create a maintain another set of
> examples, these examples should show more complex relations between
> myfaces components, best practices, i18n, etc. Something more
> sophisticated with a better design... although more difficult to
> maintain *sigh*. But this would increase the so-called wow-factor and
> demonstrate that you can do real production applications beyond human
> imagination with myfaces...
> Bruno
> 2005/7/29, Grant Smith <> <>:
>  While I understand and accept the reason to strip out all the jsCookMenu
> stuff, I think we did lose some of the wow-factor that was present in
> the examples when they were all based on the combination of jscookMenu
> and panelNavigation. Perhaps we still need one example showing how cool
> things CAN look (maybe just one jscookMenu / panelNavigation combined
> example).
> If we were still going to maintain more than one set of examples like we
> had in the past, I would agree that style is not important. However, as
> we have now consolidated the examples, we need to have a compromise.
> Perhaps Martin's Slaves of Summer could help ;)
> Sean Schofield wrote:
>      What do you mean by "rough?"  Is it a matter of style or functionality
> that is missing?  For the simple examples I would say style is not
> important.
>             .

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