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From Martin Marinschek <>
Subject Re: SVN Reorg (Update)
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2005 00:03:36 GMT
Thanks Sean again for all your efforts in this matter - it was a huge
task to fulfil, and things work great now after the reorg.

As for the JavaOne:

* In every JSF Talk we visited MyFaces was mentioned as well, in some
very prominently (Stan, Kito, Adam)
* JSF was probably the technology with the most sessions over all -
and AJAX in combination with JSF was THE buzzword and THE technology
* The MyFaces presentation was given in front of around 30-40-50 (I
haven't got a clue, I had to concentrate on other things ;) people at
the Oracle booth and went quite OK, even though it could of course
have been better ;)
* we had some very nice talks to fellow Apache commiters/members and
MyFaces users at the Apache booth.
* the diner with the fellow MyFaces committers and the ADF team
members of Oracle was very interesting as well

All in all, I would say this conference was quite a success for Apache
MyFaces ;)



On 7/5/05, Sean Schofield <> wrote:
> The SVN reorg is basically complete.  There are lots of loose ends to
> tie up but everything has been moved to where it belongs.  We may make
> a few minor changes to things in the future but at this point I think
> its safe to start working off the source.
> I will post a more complete overview of the SVN setup in the next day
> or so.  I'll also work on putting something up on our website
> addressing the new SVN structure.
> The source can be checked out at
>  This will link you
> to all of the relevant subprojects.
> The new sandbox project is in place.  I added a new component that
> Matt and I worked on called inputSuggest.  Its basically a text input
> field that "suggests" choices as you type in it.  Its similar to
> Google Suggest if you've ever seen that before.  No AJAX at the moment
> but I think that is a topic for another thread.  There is also a new
> sandbox.war built by the ant script.
> If you run ant download-dependencies dist-all in the top level build
> directory you will build everything.  You can also run dist in the
> relevant subdirectory and it will build (or rebuild) just that
> subdirectory.  Building specific subdirectories does require that you
> build the subprojects that are dependent on other subprojects is fine
> as long as they are built in the correct order.
> It seems like there are a few oddities regarding svn externals.  If
> you change two files in two different subprojects (that you checked
> out using "current") then it seems like you have to commit the two
> subprojects one at a time.  Ex. you change tree2 and tree2.jsp then
> you have to commit tomahawk and then examples.  If any of you svn
> gurus know if there is a way around this that would be good.
> There are still a few bugs in the examples apps.  I will write a
> separate post summarizing these issues.  The next step is to get the
> nightly builds up and running.  That shouldn't be too hard.  I wrote
> the bootstrap.xml to take advantage of build.xml for most of the work
> (except checkout and publishing.)
> James, if you are ready for some maven work, I'd be interested to see
> if we couldn't publish the website and nightly builds using maven (but
> still build them with ant for now.)  If that isn't workable we can
> continue doing the process entirely by ant.
> Finally, I hope to get to updating the website documentation and a few
> other things later this week.  I'll float a few proposals I have for
> additions to the site and improvements in the documentation for us to
> discus.
> sean
> ps. I'm interested in hearing how Java One went and how MyFaces (and
> JSF in general was received.)

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