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From Manfred Geiler <>
Subject Re: Proposal: Make tomahawk stuff 100% RI compliant
Date Wed, 06 Jul 2005 13:50:27 GMT
+1 for making tomahawk 100% RI compliant 

-1 for removing Tiles support - definitely!

* Tiles support is one of the key features of MyFaces
* Tiles support should not (and "is not" AFAIK) RI incompatible

Where does it use MyFaces impl stuff? The special
JspTilesViewHandlerImpl does not extend any specific base class and
uses delegation pattern. The only two references to
org.apache.myfaces.* are shared classes, so where is the problem?


2005/7/6, Sean Schofield <>:
> This proposal might be a bit controversial...
> I think we should make everything in tomahawk 100% RI compliant and
> remove anything that is not.  We've made (eroneous) claims in the past
> that the stuff in the old components.jar will work with the RI but
> there are several exceptions.  I think we can get broader
> usage/acceptance of the tomahawk stuff if we can legitimately claim
> that it works with any implementation.
> Rather than dumping everything that does not currently work with the
> RI, I recommend we move it to the sandbox and perhaps resurrect it
> when we have the time/interest.  There are a few components that have
> minor RI quirks that I think we can leave in tomahawk but address them
> ASAP.  Other components/extensions have outright dependencies on the
> myfaces implementation.
> One major component that should be moved out of tomahawk (IMO) is
> tiles.  Let me start by saying that I like the Tiles stuff and it is
> one thing that attracted me to MyFaces.  But it requires the MyFaces
> implementation (uses some view controller stuff.)  We could refactor
> it but I am not volunteering for that.  If someone else is prepared to
> refactor then I say leave it in tomahawk an refactor.  If not, lets
> move it to sandbox.
> David Geary (Tiles guru) just checked in some JSF Tiles support into
> the Shale project.  If we dropped Tiles from tomahawk (and sandbox)
> that might not be the end of the world.
> There are other components as well that are not RI compliant.  We
> should make a list and figure out what we want to do with them.  At a
> *minimum* we should list the stuff in tomahawk that does *not* work
> with the RI and publicize that list.
> sean

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