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From Mathias Broekelmann <mbroekelm...@PSI.DE>
Subject Re: source code formatting
Date Thu, 21 Jul 2005 16:46:09 GMT
Not every one is using eclipse so in addition to the eclipse export I 
would like to write down the rules I use:

Rules for source code formatting are based on Java Code Conventions 
( except:

- opening braces are on the next line except for array initializers

- no empty line before a class field

- new line before else, catch and finally

that´s all


Bill Dudney schrieb:
> I agree that a 'standard' code formatting thing would be great. In  
> Eclipse you can export your code formatting settings to a file.
> If you have time it would be great to get that file posted on the  WIKI, 
> I'll grab it as soon as its there so I stop reformatting all  the code 
> in an unacceptable manner :-)
> Thanks Mathias!
> -bd-
> On Jul 21, 2005, at 10:00 AM, Mathias Broekelmann wrote:
>> I´ve some trouble with code formatting in the myfaces code.
>> I like to write code in bad format and press CTRL+F in eclipse  which 
>> pretty prints the code. But that normally formats the entire  file.
>> My last commit shows the results. Every line in the file seems to  
>> have changed but only format changes.
>> Do we have somthing like a style guide to follow?
>> If not I would like to make a proposal (it´s seems to be a proposal  
>> day;)) for that.
>> Cheers
>> Mathias

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