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From "" <>
Subject force a phase to execute
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2005 15:36:09 GMT
hi everybody
im a newbi on this list and just startet working with jsf. im currently 
extending the myFaces.htmlDataTableComponent using Ajax. this is for the 
google summer of code project im working on with thomas huber. and we're 
experiencing some troubles... (and our mentor (no names) is currently on 
holiday, so no help there ;))

so here is our problem:
there already is an ajax component, which is working very well (its an 
autoComplete textinput). this component uses a phaselistener (listening 
for after the INVOKE_APPLICATION phase). which stops the rendering 
process and just sends out the ajax request. AJAX IS NOT THE PROBLEM, 
but of course our data table never enters the INVOKE_APPLICATION phase 
so we are never kicked out of the life cycle and AJAX renders the whole 
view again (and since its AJAX we end up with the entire view inside the 
entire view :(  )

so the QUESTION: is there a way i can enter the INVOKE_APPLICATION phase 
although i don't have any values to process???

any tipps tricks are highly honoured

many thanx from jörg and thomas

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