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From Grant Smith <>
Subject Re: SVN Reorg (Update)
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2005 15:23:22 GMT
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Hi Sean,<br>
I did in fact run it from the top level build directory. It looks like
a directory is not created ahead of the generation. I don't have time
to look into it this morning but I will certainly look into it before
the weekend.<br>
Sean Schofield wrote:
<blockquote cite=""
  <pre wrap="">Grant,

You have to use 'ant tlddoc-all' from the *top level* build directory
only.  If you want to build a specific subproject you use 'tlddoc' to
build the *current* subproject.  Same with dist-all, etc.  There are a
few more minor issues of this nature that I hope to document tomorrow.
 I spent most of the day exploring David's new TilesViewHandler for my
day job.

Also, I am hoping to add a failure message if you accidentally run a
'foo-all' target from subproject build dir instructing you to run from
the top-level.



On 7/6/05, Grant Smith <a class="moz-txt-link-rfc2396E" href="">&lt;;</a>
  <blockquote type="cite">
    <pre wrap="">Sean,

The tlddoc-all target of the main buildfile (which calls all the nested
buildfiles) is choking on:

     [java] Error: File/directory not found:

for each of the subprojects. I didn't want to touch it while you were
modifying the build procedure.

Sean Schofield wrote:

    <blockquote type="cite">
      <pre wrap="">The SVN reorg is basically complete.  There are lots of loose ends
tie up but everything has been moved to where it belongs.  We may make
a few minor changes to things in the future but at this point I think
its safe to start working off the source.

I will post a more complete overview of the SVN setup in the next day
or so.  I'll also work on putting something up on our website
addressing the new SVN structure.

The source can be checked out at
<a class="moz-txt-link-freetext" href=""></a>.
 This will link you
to all of the relevant subprojects.

The new sandbox project is in place.  I added a new component that
Matt and I worked on called inputSuggest.  Its basically a text input
field that "suggests" choices as you type in it.  Its similar to
Google Suggest if you've ever seen that before.  No AJAX at the moment
but I think that is a topic for another thread.  There is also a new
sandbox.war built by the ant script.

If you run ant download-dependencies dist-all in the top level build
directory you will build everything.  You can also run dist in the
relevant subdirectory and it will build (or rebuild) just that
subdirectory.  Building specific subdirectories does require that you
build the subprojects that are dependent on other subprojects is fine
as long as they are built in the correct order.

It seems like there are a few oddities regarding svn externals.  If
you change two files in two different subprojects (that you checked
out using "current") then it seems like you have to commit the two
subprojects one at a time.  Ex. you change tree2 and tree2.jsp then
you have to commit tomahawk and then examples.  If any of you svn
gurus know if there is a way around this that would be good.

There are still a few bugs in the examples apps.  I will write a
separate post summarizing these issues.  The next step is to get the
nightly builds up and running.  That shouldn't be too hard.  I wrote
the bootstrap.xml to take advantage of build.xml for most of the work
(except checkout and publishing.)

James, if you are ready for some maven work, I'd be interested to see
if we couldn't publish the website and nightly builds using maven (but
still build them with ant for now.)  If that isn't workable we can
continue doing the process entirely by ant.

Finally, I hope to get to updating the website documentation and a few
other things later this week.  I'll float a few proposals I have for
additions to the site and improvements in the documentation for us to


ps. I'm interested in hearing how Java One went and how MyFaces (and
JSF in general was received.)


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