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From Grant Smith <>
Subject Re: Could use some help debugging sandbox
Date Fri, 01 Jul 2005 18:47:55 GMT
Hmm.. Does this mean that section 3.2.2 of the spec directly contradicts 
section 3.3.1 ?

Craig ?

Bruno Aranda wrote:

>Hey, stop, the colon is what the NamingContainer uses, as stated in
>section 3.2.2 of the spec.
>'NamingContainer defines a public static final character constant,
>SEPARATOR_CHAR, that is used to separate components of client
>identifiers, as well
>as the components of search expressions used by the findComponent() method see
>(Section 3.1.8 "Component Tree Navigation"). The value of this
>constant must be a
>colon character (":").'
>So, better to keep it ;-)

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