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From Bill Dudney <>
Subject Re: [proposal] unit testing
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2005 16:10:12 GMT
Thanks Grant,

On Jul 12, 2005, at 9:33 AM, Grant Smith wrote:

> Bill,
> This is great, thanks for your efforts with this! I have a few  
> comments.
> 1. Do we need /java/ in the test path structure?

Not really, Sean made an alternative suggestion and that is fine with  
me. Just wanted to get something out there to get us started.

> 2. I don't think the tests should run as part of dist, but I do  
> think they should run as part of the nightlies, and viewable as a  
> daily report. Why ? Beacause we will eventually have hundreds of  
> tests, that the Average Joe user doesn't care about and probably  
> doesnt want slowing down the build.

Agreed on the nightly report. I was thinking dist so we could have  
some sort of criteria like 95% pass before a release. But not married  
to that either, easy enough to do 'ant test-all dist'.

> 3. I think the cactus tests should reside in the same path  
> structure, or very near so that we don't clutter things up too much.

Agreed. I want to get the junit stuff done then start thinking  
through the cactus. We have to build a war and deploy it to get  
cactus tests to run so it won't make sense to have cactus tests in  
each subproject (perhaps just impl & tomahawk). Tomcat and Weblogic  
have ant tasks that will deploy a war, not sure about the rest of the  
supported platforms but my end goal is to get cactus tests that we  
can deploy to all the supported platforms and run the test to make  
sure we have not broken compatibility. I'll make sure to be posting  
regular updates.



> Bill Dudney wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I've just committed a couple of unit tests to the api subproject.  
>> I  will start adding a testing target to the build file later  
>> today but  I wanted to get this out there before anything else  
>> came up on my day  job.
>> I'd like to propose that we put any simple JUnit tests into the   
>> following naming structure
>> ${}/tests/java/${}/${}
>> => the subproject (i.e. api, shared, etc)
>> => the package where the class being tested resides
>> => the name of the class being tested
>> Thoughts?
>> Also, I'd like to add running the unit tests and creating a report  
>> of  pass/fail to the 'dist' target so that the tests get run on  
>> every  'dist', thoughts? At some point Sean I'd also like to add  
>> the report  to the nightly build process, but we can talk about  
>> that in another  thread.
>> For cactus tests and web tests I'll do some experimenting and  
>> make  another proposal for those.
>> Looking forward to your feedback.
>> TTFN,
>> -bd-

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