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From "Jason Sando" <>
Subject Re: Jar deps and proxy server
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2005 19:55:54 GMT
Doh!  The ant <get .../> works fine directly through the MS proxy server, it
didn't need the ntlmaps thing.  The other proxy was required for the SVN
client, however.

The build.xml still needed the <setproxy .../>, so any tips on how to
eliminate that would be appreciated.



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From: "Jason Sando" <>
To: MyFaces Development <>
Sent: Thu, 7 Jul 2005 14:15:10 -0500
Subject: Jar deps and proxy server

> I was able to get and build from source this morning, thanks for the 
> updated svn doc on the website.  It looks like the build 
> instructions referenced from the home page are not quite finished? 
>  It looks like a copy of the SVN instructions.
> The download-on-demand JAR thing is a bit frustrating, especially 
> since I'm behind a MS proxy server.  What I ended up doing is 
> setting up a local proxy server that requires no auth, using 
>  Then I added
> 	<setproxy proxyhost="localhost" proxyport="9000"/>
> to the top of myfaces/build/build.xml, to force it to use my local proxy.
> That gets me a build right now, but makes it difficult to follow 
> along with development, since I now have a modified build.xml, and I 
> don't run this NTLM proxy all day long.  Is there an easier way?
> Also, I see the folder "Tomahawk", and references to it on all the website
> pages, but I've found no explanation of what that might be.  Is 
> there a README file somewhere that explains the project layout and 
> what's in each folder?
> Thanks!
> Jason
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