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From Bruno Aranda <>
Subject Re: Two Input Suggests (Lets not go down this road again)
Date Sat, 09 Jul 2005 10:58:39 GMT
I am sure we will reach a consensus on this and get the best component
possible. I give you my opinion in both components, not knowing the
insights of any of them.
Regarding the name of the component, I like more the name
'inputSuggest', because it is easy to remember and someone who do not
know what this component does will associate directly to Google's
suggest. I like more the suggestions scroll-box of the Matt-Sean
component as it seams cleaner, but I like the input box coloring of
Werner's component. Both of them are great so the result of the merge
would be even greater!



- Suggestions display: I like more the scroll box of the 
2005/7/9, Werner Punz <>:
> Werner Punz wrote:
> >
> > Actually just checked the sources I got in today from the svn sandbox,
> > there is nothing from me left anymore :-D
> > Command back, that suff is from someone else, but they placed the code
> > for the autocomplete on top of the prototype which is excellent
> >
> >
> Btw... another thing, I checked the code for the new autocomplete
> Javascripts, it is absolutely excellent.
> Unfortunately it has the same component leak problems like the effects.
> (I am not sure, but I think the guy who wrote this stuff,
> basically must be the same one I contacted yesterday, because of a
> component leak problem in the basic effects code)

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