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From Manfred Geiler <>
Subject Re: SVN Reorg
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2005 10:18:12 GMT
Sean, thanks for the hard work.
Unfortunately  at the moment I'm under great preasure at my company
and fear that I cannot be of much help. I will try of course. On
Saturday morning I will be on the plane to SF for JavaOne. Of course
we will stay in contact next week, but I cannot promise that I will be
able to do more than read/answer emails.


2005/6/21, Sean Schofield <>:
> I'd like to start doing the SVN reorg this Thursday.  I propose that
> on Thursday AM, Manfred temporarily disable SVN commit access to all
> but Manfred and myself.  I'll also request that SVN emails be turned
> off temporarily while we move things.  I'll then do the SVN reorg on
> Thursday and we can reactivate SVN commit and the emails.
> I've worked everything out in a test SVN repository and the new
> structure is nearly identical to what was discussed in my earlier
> thread.  Ultimately I think we should just go ahead and move it and
> see if we are all happy with the results.  We can make minor changes
> to the structure without any problems.
> There are a few things that will have to be sorted out after the
> initial phase.  One example is unit tests which are kind of scattered.
>  Things like this which are not totally essential will not be moved.
> Before the move I will label the current repository as
> (BEFORE_SVN_REORG) or something so that we can always checkout by this
> label and see everything in the old layout.  Then we can move
> individual files that weren't handled in the initial phase on a case
> by case basis.
> Also, this will obviously break all of the builds (including the
> nightly builds.)  I'll start on the new scripts on Friday and
> hopefully we'll have things back up and running within a few days.
> I will need lots of help cleaning things up and sorting things out
> over the next few days.  There is a lot that predates my involvement
> in the project and I can only take us so far on my own.  I think I
> have a handle on the crucial stuff and I did a lot of the work on the
> builds so we should be ok as far as the bare minimum stuff.
> Let me know what folks think about this plan.
> sean

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