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From Oliver Rossmueller <>
Subject Re: Proposal: Elimiante jar files from SVN
Date Thu, 23 Jun 2005 00:18:38 GMT
-1 on that. Please don't make the build more complex than needed. Not
any stuff that seems to be cool to implement should be implemented.

What's your problem with having the required libs in the repository? For
me there are advantages only:

- one source fits it all: you check out the svn module and have
everything you need to build
- the libs are versioned with the code which depends on the libs
- you have everything maintained in one place, the svn repository; no
need for external jar repositories or stuff like that
- no build is blocked because the download of a required lib is not
working for whatever reason (firewalls, network failures, ...)

If you ever had the html of a http 500 page as the contents of a jar
file in your maven repository instead of the required jar itself you
know what I'm talking about. So do not try to imitate maven just by
other means but follow the KISS principle and keep it simple, please.


Manfred Geiler wrote:

>yes, looks good
>+1 for automatic download of jars
>2005/6/21, Sean Schofield <>:
>>First off, thanks to James Mitchell (of the Struts team) who has been
>>teaching me the wonders of svn:externals.  I hope my SVN reorg will
>>make him proud.  :-)
>>While James and I were discussing the Struts layout he also mentioned
>>something interesting.  They no longer keep any jar files in their
>>repository.  He has figured out a way to deal with the jar file
>>dependencies that does *not* require Maven (ie. can be done from Ant.)
>>I'm planning on doing something similar as part of the reorg.  Check
>>out the following steps that allow you to build struts 1.2 without
>>specifying a single jar file in your properties ...
>>$svn co
>>$cd struts-1.2
>>$ant download-dependencies release
>>Nice!  I see no reason to deprive ourselves of the same cool build
>>process ;-)  Also, its possible to build using local jar files if that
>>is your cup of tea (just don't run the download-dependencies target
>>and specify the jar file locations in your local props file.)

Oliver Rossmueller
Software Engineer and IT-Consultant
Hamburg, Germany

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