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From Sean Schofield <>
Subject Re: UIPlanner and UIScheduler components
Date Tue, 28 Jun 2005 22:56:31 GMT
We're hoping to have the sandbox up and running soon.  There is
actually a subproject in SVN for it and the revamped build process has
been designed to accomodate a sandbox project.

There are two steps here.

#1) Get basic sandbox structure setup with a single component to get
us started.  I'll handle that with the new inputSuggest component Matt
and I have been working on.

#2) Port over the components to MyFaces.  Bruno seems to be helping
out on that one.  Once he's done I will commit them to the sandbox (or
one of the other committers will.)

Since these components are already JSF, porting them over shouldn't be
too hard.  There are just certain utility methods and TLD conventions
that we take advantage of.  Plus faces-config.xml should be modified.

So they should probably be available soon.  


On 6/28/05, Ron <> wrote:
> Evening
> While reading up on the <x:inputDate> tag I came across the marvelously
> made components UIPlanner and UISCheduler. I also read that they are to
> be included.
> So here are my obvious questions:
> When can I use them :)
> What will be the datamodel?
> can I testdrive them?
> I was so impressed with how they look. I am currently writing a j2ee
> based implementation of a calendaring server (based on the RFC's) and
> these components would make my life sooooo much easier.
> Ron Smits
> --
> Double your disk space - delete Windows!
> -- Albert Dorofeev

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