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From Bruno Aranda <>
Subject Re: Proposal: Elimiante jar files from SVN
Date Tue, 21 Jun 2005 21:58:33 GMT
Cool! This will make the project lighter and easier to maintain. I've
seen that there is a timestamp check so you will donwload the jar only
if necessary. I think this is an good proposal,



2005/6/21, Sean Schofield <>:
> First off, thanks to James Mitchell (of the Struts team) who has been
> teaching me the wonders of svn:externals.  I hope my SVN reorg will
> make him proud.  :-)
> While James and I were discussing the Struts layout he also mentioned
> something interesting.  They no longer keep any jar files in their
> repository.  He has figured out a way to deal with the jar file
> dependencies that does *not* require Maven (ie. can be done from Ant.)
> I'm planning on doing something similar as part of the reorg.  Check
> out the following steps that allow you to build struts 1.2 without
> specifying a single jar file in your properties ...
> $svn co
> struts-1.2
> $cd struts-1.2
> $ant download-dependencies release
> Nice!  I see no reason to deprive ourselves of the same cool build
> process ;-)  Also, its possible to build using local jar files if that
> is your cup of tea (just don't run the download-dependencies target
> and specify the jar file locations in your local props file.)
> sean

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