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From Martin Marinschek <>
Subject Re: MyFaces at JavaOne 2005?
Date Sun, 22 May 2005 22:55:54 GMT
Hi Jonas,

we would be there the whole week (no sense in flying to San Francisco
and do sight-seeing there if you can attend a Java conference ;).
Originally, Thomas and me didn't plan to go, but Manfred is going for
sure (he is the only one who is not self-employed of the three of us,
so his expenses are covered for anyways ;)

But if we can do a session we will come, don't worry about the
airfare. If you could get Thomas and me a conference pass, we would be
very grateful, though...

I think for a 20-25 minutes session, something about MyFaces in
general will be best. That means we would probably do some
"covering-the-basics-stuff". I don't know how much JSF will have been
done in sessions before, so you might want to tell me where we shoud
lay our emphasis.

Matthias Wessendorf and me have prepared a session for the ApacheCon,
so maybe we can use some of those slides (subject to his permission,
which I will probably get).

The session would look something like the following:

Title: "Apache MyFaces - Open Source JavaServer Faces"

Abstract: Building on the JSF (JavaServer Faces) specification, Apache
MyFaces was designed to provide users with an open-source
implementation of this widely accepted standard for web-development
frameworks. This presentation tries to give you a short summary of
what JSF is and how you can use it to build modern web applications.
Additionally, we cover the Apache MyFaces implementation of JSF and
some of the great goodies you get from using MyFaces - we concentrate
on the MyFaces additions to the core framework and on our custom
components. These features include built in support for Tiles, which
allows you to compose web pages from basic modules, or a cool WML



On 5/23/05, Jonas Jacobi <> wrote:
>  Hi Martin,
>  If you like I can make sure to organize something so that we can all meet.
> I know I would like to meet you and I'm certain that Adam and John would
> too. What day are you going to be there? Oracle has some cool stuff planned
> and I might be able to squeeze us in there (cannot mention what it is though
>  ;-) . It will have to be a surprise.) 
>  For the session I would suggest that you send me a proposal title and
> abstract. A session in the mini-Theater is only 30 minutes (thereof the mini
>  :-) ), but should give you more than enough time to give a 20-25 minute
> presentation and a QA at the end. There is also possible that I can get you
> to share a demo pod with the JSF team from Oracle. That will give you an
> opportunity to tell people where you will be (and what times), so that you
> can demo MyFaces. 
>  About the invitation (yes, I have read the thread about ApacheCon) I'm
> sorry to say that Oracle will not pay for airfare. I might be able to get
> you (speaker(s)) an Exhibition pass from our marketing department, but I
> cannot promise anything (We have a hard time getting passes ourself since
> there are so many from Oracle that wants to go). :-( 
>  For the actual get together let me know when you are going to be there and
> I'll organize something so we all can meet and maybe have a beer or two (the
> beer is on me  :-) ). 
>  Thanks,
>  Jonas
>  Martin Marinschek wrote: 
>  Yes, we could have a very nice MyFaces-meeting there ;)
> regards,
> Martin
> On 5/21/05, Korhonen, Kalle <> wrote:
>  -----Original Message-----
> From: Jonas Jacobi []
> Subject: MyFaces at JavaOne 2005?
> I searched the JavaOne session schedule and could not find
> any presentation about MyFaces. Anyone of you going to
> JavaOne anyway? If you are coming to JavaOne and would be
>  Don't know of any MyFaces specific presentation and haven't had time to
> go over the schedule in too much detail yet. I'm definitely interested
> in the topic and more broadly, the latest J2EE in general and I will be
> there at JavaOne. Hopefully I meet you and others there.
> Kalle
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