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From Martin Marinschek <>
Subject Re: about Apachecon europe 2005
Date Fri, 20 May 2005 22:34:30 GMT
Yes, this conversation should definitely be moved to somewhere else
where someone can take action on that, cause we (as the MyFaces team)
can't really change anything about this fact, even though we probably
would if we could ;)



On 5/20/05, Stephane Bailliez <> wrote:
> Alan D. Cabrera wrote:
> > On 5/20/2005 6:35 AM, Juan Jose Pablos wrote:
> >
> >> [...]
> >> I found very unfair that you do not get a discount if you are an apache
> >> committer/member :
> >> [...]
> >
> > I'm not sure that they make a profit on these things.  How could they
> > afford to give commiters/members a discount?
> Lars sent an email about 10 days ago that the early bird discount was
> available to Apache committers until the day of the conference.
> I agree though that this is quite some money and would probably cost
> around 1500EUR ( trip fare + hotel + conf + extra) for the conference
> only while I'm next to Germany. At least this is what I'm currently
> budgeting to my company if I can manage to make them pay.
> If you're going as an individual this is far from a negligible amount
> and this is probably driving some people away.
> I believe it is extremely difficult and challenging to organize such
> event but JavaPolis managed to get their conference at an entry fee of
> 200EUR  so there must be some secret because that's quite some
> difference. Is that a sponsoring issue ?
> There are many IT companies out there deploying multi-millions projects
> based on nearly all Apache components and not contributing anything.
> Sometimes I'm wondering if it would not be worth creating not-for-profit
> entities in major european countries in order to be able to receive tax
> deductible donations and help fund such conferences.
> The core business of Apache lies in the collaborative area and there is
> no doubt that the added value of conferences is mostly about meeting
> people between sessions.
> Should'nt this discussion moved out somewhere else ?

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