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From Manfred Geiler <>
Subject Re: MyFaces Reorg
Date Mon, 30 May 2005 10:57:51 GMT
> >  You mentioned SVN changes / reorg. Would that be a new repository ? If so,
> > do we need to request that from the infrastructure people, or can we do it
> > ourselves ?
> Not sure if we'll need infra help but basically we'll need to create
> subrprojects etc and move stuff around.  Most of this I suspect can be
> done by the PMC.  Once we get agreement on the jarfiles I will propose
> a svn restructure that we can debate.  I'll also get some feedback
> from the Struts team who have plenty of experience in this area.
> James Mitchell and Martin Cooper have both offered help and ideas on
> this in the past so when the time comes we'll try and pull them into
> the discussion.
> Just to be clear, no new repository would be created.  Just shuffling
> of existing stuff.

Creating a new src/sandbox dir should be enough in the moment, right?
What do you mean by restructuring?
I agree with Craig that we should rather have a sub-project on an
organisational level only with some kind of own release policy (he
mentioned that in one of our former restructuring discussions).
Restructuring myfaces to have different roots might make things
unnecessary difficult IMO.


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