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From Oliver Rossmueller <>
Subject HtmlRenderUtils: why is submitted value set to empty string?
Date Wed, 25 May 2005 01:34:50 GMT
I stumbled over the following code (lines 82ff of 

            //request parameter not found, nothing to decode - set 
submitted value to empty
            //if the component has not been disabled
                ((EditableValueHolder) component).setSubmittedValue( 
RendererUtils.EMPTY_STRING );

The whole else branch is for components like checkboxes or radiobuttons 
where no value is submitted if they are not checked. But I could not 
find a reason for why submittedValue is set to empty string. IMHO line 
86 should be

                ((EditableValueHolder) component).setSubmittedValue(null);

So what am I missing here?


Oliver Rossmueller
Software Engineer and IT-Consultant
Hamburg, Germany

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