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From Grant Smith <>
Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (MYFACES-214) TabbedPane : wrong validation behavior
Date Thu, 12 May 2005 16:07:03 GMT
Hi Phillip,

Your patch basically reverses a patch made as a suggestion to 
MYFACES-187. Could you test to see if your patch produces the same 
problem that MYFACES-187 describes ? I do see a small difference between 
your code and the original code, so it's possible that your patch fixes 
both, but we need to be sure :)


Philipp Ahlner (JIRA) wrote:

>     [ ]
>Philipp Ahlner commented on MYFACES-214:
>After a nightly debugging session, I think I know where the problem is. I applied my patch
and it's working for me. I'll try to explain (in my poor english) the problem and the solution.
>The origin problem is not the tabbedpane-component but rather a single line in javax.faces.component.UIInput
>The solution:
>In 0.9rc3 in line 284:
>if (submittedValue == null) return;
>the validation stops if the submitted value is null. I think this should prevent a NPE
on the line below. If removed the return statement and modified the line below as followed:
>if (submittedValue != null && submittedValue instanceof String && ((String)
>    submittedValue = null;
>This also prevents a NPE but the validation is continued with a null as submittedValue.
UIInput is a base-class of all input elements and this patch should made all ui-components
work correctly in tabbed panes.
>Let me now explain, why its a problem to stop validation on a null value:
>- If a UIInput-child-element is in a hidden tabbed-pane the submittedValue is null and
such a element is never validated.
>- If a hidden tab is activated and the HtmlInput is empty (for ex) the decode() method
of the renderer (HtmlTextRendererBase) sets a empty string instead of null to submittedValue.
The field will now validated in all cases regarding the tab is visible or not.
>That's he reason why a field is not validated until the tab is at least one time activated.

>My patch validates all UIInputs regardless of the value in the submittedValue var.
>>TabbedPane : wrong validation behavior
>>         Key: MYFACES-214
>>         URL:
>>     Project: MyFaces
>>        Type: Bug
>>    Versions: 1.0.9 beta
>> Environment: MyFaces 1.0.9rc3, Tomcat 5.0.27, j2sdk1.5.0_01
>>    Reporter: Philipp Ahlner
>>Requirements for reproduction:
>>- min. two tabs with min. one required Input-Fields
>>- a submit button on each tab
>>- an "<h:messages styleClass="errors" showDetail="true" showSummary="true"/>"-tag
to see all validation errors regardless which tab is selected
>>Expected behavior:
>>- if the submit button is pressed, !both! fields should be validated regardless which
tab is selected
>>Steps to reproduce:
>>1. start a new session
>>2. let the required text fields empty
>>3. press the submit button in the first tab.
>>Only the field(s) on the first tab is validated.
>>The interesting effect:
>>Select the second tab and press submit. The validation errors on !both! tab occours.
If the tab was 
>>activated at least one time in a new session, all fields were validated correctly.
>>Further informations:

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