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From Grant Smith <>
Subject Re: Vote for new displayValueOnly attribute
Date Wed, 11 May 2005 15:40:50 GMT
+1 on the Sylvain/Martin approach.

Korhonen, Kalle wrote:

>     ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>     *From:* Sylvain Vieujot []
>     *Subject:* Re: Vote for new displayValueOnly attribute
>     Sean & Kalle,
>     I agree that this discussion helped to clarify some things, but
>     I'm a quite worried by the time and efforts it takes to agree on
>     such a small feature.
>     I don't underestimate the necessity of having a well thought API,
>     but as all of you, my time is spare, and I disagree that there is
>     no harm in a prolonged discussion.
>     If it's just too much effort to decide such issues, I should
>     better do a hack on my own, and forget about including it in Myfaces.
> Well, this is typical open-source development with all its pros and 
> cons. If you need something for your own use, by all means, implement 
> it before you even ask whether anybody else is interested in it or 
> not. You definitely can forget about including in MyFaces if you feel 
> like it; but it's not like you are only doing a favor for somebody 
> else by contributing your code. You are also doing a favor to yourself 
> by including your contribution. You'll enjoy the benefits of lots of 
> other people verifying your code, maintaining it and improving the 
> codebase without you needing to worry about merging back to your 
> customized version of the whole. Writing code that is generic enough 
> that it works for everybody and still does something useful is hard, 
> and it is for this reason that people will and should discuss every 
> frustrating little aspect of code before reaching the single best 
> solution. Sometimes, the solution cannot be reached, at least for the 
> moment, like with tree vs. tree2, so it's better to leave alternative 
> solutions to the same problem until a better solution is reached.
> We've been using MyFaces for over a year here now updating libs we use 
> every now and then, usually when forced to. Sometimes using the 
> "official" build version, often the snapshots compiled from head, and 
> sometimes with a modified version (like now until patch for UTF-8 is 
> hopefully committed). It's just open source business as usual; 
> discussing the implementation aspects shouldn't slow down its usage 
> and development.
> Just my 2 cents,
> Kalle
>     Please don't take this as an offense, it's just a general worry
>     that this would afraid others like me of contributing anything
>     else than bug fixes.
>     I also dislike this voting process, but it is an attempt to keep
>     this in a reasonable time frame, so please try to make your mind,
>     but don't ask for another week of emails & extensive explanations. 
> .. and no offense taken.
>      As for the summary of the options, I agree with the one Martin
>     just did (thanks for your help by the way).
>     Sylvain.
>     On Tue, 2005-05-10 at 15:26 -0400, Sean Schofield wrote:
>>> While discussing this has taken a long time, I don't see any wrong in
>>> it. It's still cheap and easy compared to implementing different
>>> components, then comparing their implementations, fixing possible bugs
>>> etc.
>>I agree with Kalle that there is no harm in a prolonged discussion on
>>this.  If memory serves me, we have only been discussing this for a
>>week or so.  I think we should consider postponing the vote and taking
>>a little more time with this.
>>My reasoning is that this solves a problem that many of us (including
>>myself) need to have solved.  Lets pick an approach that we can all
>>live with.
>>On the other hand, we owe it to Sylvain to not drag this out.  Lets
>>try to resolve this quickly but also give it the consideration it
>>deserves.  Also, the answer to this problem involves several "design
>>principles" that we should probably agree upon.  For instance, concern
>>over bloated attributes, mutating components, etc.
>>I need some time to re-read this very extensive thread.  Maybe Sylvain
>>or Kalle can summarize the options for us (Option #1, #2, etc.) 
>>People can add new options (give them a new number) and we can have a
>>quick discussion and reference these options by # and discuss pros and
>>> Kalle

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