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From Grant Smith <>
Subject Re: SVN Conversion Status
Date Mon, 02 May 2005 20:48:08 GMT
Another quick note to prevent people making the same mistakes I did:

If you have committer access, use HTTPS instead of HTTP. You will NOT be 
able to commit a change without https.Also, you will have to log into and use the svnpasswd command to set your SVN password.
So to summarize:

1. ssh to, use svnpass to set your svn password.
2. check out using your 
apache loginid and your newly created svn password.
3. make a few test changes
4. commit.


Grant Smith wrote:

> To avoid checking out all tags and branches, just check out 
> Grant Smith wrote:
>> There is now a SVN repository at 
>> for us to test, experiment 
>> with and review. This is a conversion of the CVS repository as of 
>> this morning.
>> Please let me know when everyone is comfortable with it, and that it 
>> works to everyone's expectations. At that time, I will ask the 
>> infrastructure guys to lock the CVS repository and do the conversion 
>> again to sync up the repository. After that, it's all SVN!!
>> Let's get this testing phase wrapped up quickly, folks...
>> Thanks,
>> Grant

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