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From Sean Schofield <>
Subject Re: Suggested codenames for new components subproject
Date Tue, 31 May 2005 12:20:29 GMT
Not sure I agree with you that the name should contain Apache Faces
and Extensions (that's pretty long.)  Keep in mind its only a
subproject - not a full project.

The full project is Apache MyFaces.  I would propose on the website we
have a tab that says "mocassin, tomahawk, lonewolf, whatever ..." 
Then when you tab to the page you will see a header like "MyFaces
Components + Goodies aka Tomahawk."  This will let the user know that
Tomahawk is really the same thing.

I *really* do not like using the word extensions in the subproject
name.  Especially when combined with MyFaces, it implies that the
contents extend MyFaces (which of course they do, but they also extend
the RI.)  There are three appropriate words here: 'components',
'extensions/goodies.'  An accurate description of this subproject
would require at least two words 'components+extensions' or

So this brings us back to the codename.  The codename is just
shorthand for components+goodies.  We can still have the subproject's
page describe in more words what the intent of the subproject is.  But
the SVN repository and jar file will use the codename.


ps. I like mocassin too and I don't really mind the possible snake
connotation.  (I also don't mind the tomahawk or lonewolf connotations

On 5/31/05, Manfred Geiler <> wrote:
> 2005/5/31, Martin Marinschek <>:
> > Oh my,
> >
> > I wonder where we will end up with this discussion!
> That's what marketing departments are doing the whole day long, isn't
> it? Well, we do not have a marketing department. So, let's collect
> some further ideas. At the same time let's do not take this all too
> serious. Let's have fun.  ;-)
> At least we have some kind of agreement on some parts of the official
> long name, right?
> It must contain "Apache" and it should contain "Faces" and
> "Extensions". So, we will finally end up in a name of the kind "Apache
> ... Faces Extensions". Right?
> Ok, let's try out the latest proposals:
>   the Apache Tomahawk Faces Extensions project
>   the Apache Appaloosa Faces Extensions project - short name: Apache loosa  :-)
>   the Apache Mocassin(s) Faces Extensions project
>   the Apache Lonewolf Faces Extensions project
>   the Apache Windeyes Faces Extensions project
> And here is my last minute stupid idea:
> Why not initiate a contest on the user list? First prize: a beer
> sponsored by me.  :-)
> At least, that's what marketing departments do, if they are stuck...
> -Manfred

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