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From Sean Schofield <>
Subject MyFaces Reorg
Date Thu, 26 May 2005 19:31:40 GMT
A while back we talked about subprojects, reorganzing MyFaces, etc.
We've also now agreed on the basic principles of the sandbox.  Since
the sandbox is going to require some reorganizaiton of SVN, the build
and the website we should probably due this at the same time as the
other reorg stuff.

Here is how I'd like to start the discussion.  Let's get agreement on
the *end products* produced by the build and available on the MyFaces
site.  Basically a list of jar files and what they would contain. 
Once we get agreement on that then we carn talk about how to organize
things in SVN and how to change the build, etc.

Here is my proposed list for us to discuss:

--> myfaces-impl.jar (includes necessary "shared" code, core and html TLD's)
--> myfaces-api.jar (includes necessary "shared" code)

myfaces-tomahawk-1.1.0.tar.gz (componets + other goodies)
--> tomahawk.jar (includes relevant "shared" code, ext TLD's,
faces-config.xml for components - will work with all JSF
--> tomahawk-lite.jar (same as tomahawk minus the shared code - so you
can use with myfaces implementation)

Basically we would have two release bundles that could be scheduled
for their own independent release dates, etc.  Since the tomahawk
components + goodies do not include a JSF implementation they do not
need the "milestone" notation.

Both releases would have the 1.1.x notation because they are related
to JSF 1.1 spec.

There's nothing too radical here.  The major change is the omission of
a myfaces.jar that lumps everything together.  That seems to be a
source of confusion for some people and the less complicated we can
make things the better.

Also the shared code is not released seperately but as part of the
other jar files.  I *really* don't think we want to do seperate
releases for the shared code.  There are tricks in SVN that we can use
to share the same code between the projects.  We can talk about that
later once we reach agreement on the end products.



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