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From Sean Schofield <>
Subject Re: Vote for new displayValueOnly attribute
Date Tue, 10 May 2005 19:26:14 GMT
> While discussing this has taken a long time, I don't see any wrong in
> it. It's still cheap and easy compared to implementing different
> components, then comparing their implementations, fixing possible bugs
> etc.

I agree with Kalle that there is no harm in a prolonged discussion on
this.  If memory serves me, we have only been discussing this for a
week or so.  I think we should consider postponing the vote and taking
a little more time with this.

My reasoning is that this solves a problem that many of us (including
myself) need to have solved.  Lets pick an approach that we can all
live with.

On the other hand, we owe it to Sylvain to not drag this out.  Lets
try to resolve this quickly but also give it the consideration it
deserves.  Also, the answer to this problem involves several "design
principles" that we should probably agree upon.  For instance, concern
over bloated attributes, mutating components, etc.
I need some time to re-read this very extensive thread.  Maybe Sylvain
or Kalle can summarize the options for us (Option #1, #2, etc.) 
People can add new options (give them a new number) and we can have a
quick discussion and reference these options by # and discuss pros and

> Kalle


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