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Subject RoadMap and ChangeLog in JIRA
Date Sat, 14 May 2005 10:53:33 GMT
First of all: thanks to you all for taking the time to work on  
MyFaces !  
I'm currently using MyFaces in a commercial project at work with will be 
released later this year. Therefore I'm very interested in which direction 
MyFaces is heading in regards to the open JIRA issues and the release 
The current JIRA (1) setup doesn't list the fixes for the upcoming 1.0.10  
release and a scheduled release date. I know that no date can be set in  
stone until shorty before the release - but the date can always be updated  
as you go along.  
What I would like as an user is to see which open issues will be included in  
which release and which are already fixed. I see that you have a "Nightly"  
target - but as an user I ask "Nightly" when (between 1.0.8 and 1.0.9 or  
between 1.0.9  and 1.0.10) ?  
I think the doc/release-notes.txt file gives a nice overview of issues  
fixed, but the automatic JIRA ChangeLog could also be as a good starting  
point for the release notes.  
I think a good example on a roadmap and Changelog is defined at the JBoss'  
JIRA installation (2).  
Also this could also help new developers to see where to start (Unscheduled 
Please, don't take this in any negative way - I'm just giving some feedback  
from an user like to live on the bleeding edge of the MyFaces development.  
Best regards,  

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