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From Sylvain Vieujot <>
Subject Re: MyFaces Reorg
Date Fri, 27 May 2005 18:43:33 GMT
Even if we don't distribute it, I think it would be convenient to have
one jar with everything (including the sandbox).
Maybe it's just a target in the build file, but for those of us using
and modifying myfaces, it's very convenient to update just one file in
the webapps, and have everything there.


On Fri, 2005-05-27 at 13:49 -0400, Sean Schofield wrote:

> > I think a myfaces-all.jar will also contain the sandbox components -
> > why would they not be in there? it is just necessary to clearly mark
> > them as sandbox (e.g. using a new taglib, as was proposed by Sean) so
> > that the users know what they get.
> My argument for not including them is that they are experimental.  The
> myfaces-all.jar will be part of the implementation bundle and subject
> to official releases.  I don't think we want to distribute the sandbox
> stuff as anything official and putting it out on mirrors,etc. along
> with myfaces-all.jar would give that impression.
> Best to have two jars if you're using the sandbox stuff in your
> production system.  myfaces-all.jar and myfaces-sandbox.jar.  The
> sandbox could be built using Ant or you could just grab the latest
> nightly.
> Does anyone else have an opinion on that?
> > Martin
> sean

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