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From Sylvain Vieujot <>
Subject Re: Sandbox
Date Wed, 11 May 2005 19:13:05 GMT
I'm fine with that and find it simpler to have it in the trunk.

I have a related question.

Right now, I have done 2 little utilities that help me resolve small
They are 2 abstract implementations of Map : ActionMap and TestMap, and
I find them handy to use in many common cases.

Here are 2 examples :
1) ActionMap : For example, when you have a list of file, and want to
have a checkbox to delete a file, you just add the following code in
your page :

		<h:selectBooleanCheckbox value="#{pageFace.removeFileName[]}"/>
		<h:outputText value="delete"/>

And in your backing bean :

	public ActionsMap getRemoveFileName(){
		return new ActionsMap(){
			public void performAction(String fileName) {
				getFiles().remove( fileName );

2) TestMap : I use it to pass parameters to methods using a map, and
getting a boolean result.
For example, if you want to render a component if a user is in 2 roles,
the visibleOnUserRole isn't enough.
So, in my backing bean, I have this method :

	public TestsMap getUserInRole(){
		return new TestsMap(){
			public boolean getTest(String roleName) {
				return getHttpServletRequest().isUserInRole( roleName );

And now, I can do any test I want in EL : #{myBean.isUserInRole
['Accountant'] && myBean.isUserInRole['CountryUnit']}

It's quite limited now, but due to the limitations of the EL, small
utilities like that can help.
My suggestion is to do a utilities library (similar to commons.lang,
with StringUtils, ...) for EL, and maybe for JSF if more good candidates

So, I wonder first if you guys feels this is of any use to include this
in MyFaces, and if so, how do we handle that ?
Those aren't components, but should we do a sandbox for libraries to, or
just an additional myfaces-utilities.jar ????



On Wed, 2005-05-11 at 11:41 -0700, Grant Smith wrote:

> I recall correctly, the consensus was to have a "sandbox subproject" 
> for new components. I would like to propose a simpler solution: Why
> not 
> have the sandbox as a subdirectory of the existing project. Then we
> can 
> just specify all "s:" components as sandbox components until they are 
> completely accepted by the community. At that time they can become
> "x:" 
> components.
> Would this satisfy the ASF's requirement for "All New Components Must
> Go 
> Through the Incubator" ? Hopefully...

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