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From "James Mitchell" <>
Subject Re: MyFaces Reorg
Date Sat, 28 May 2005 05:33:16 GMT
Hi,  sorry to pipe in late ;)

Sean and I just spent a few hours on the phone talking about the reorg of 

As you might know, we (Struts community) have gone through this ourselves 
recently, so we have plenty of insight to offer.

Here's my take on what needs to be nailed down before any action is taken.
a) determine exactly what the output will look like at the end of this
     - artifacts
        For example:
           myfaces-api-1.0.11.jar  - contains ...
           myfaces-impl-1.0.11.jar - contains ...
           myfaces-all-1.0.11.jar  - contains all classes and
                                     config from src/foo and src/bar
           myfaces-sandbox-1.0.11.jar  - contains all classes and
                                         config from src/sandbox
  - the web site and documentation

b) determine the steps involved
c) determine how the build will be adjusted to accomodate
d) go through a rehersal on a test server

Sean, can you put this down somewhere (wiki perhaps)?

As far as moving to a Maven-based build, I would love to help with that.  I 
can personally guarantee that it can do everything the current Ant script 
does, and then some.  I proved that over and over in Struts-land.  Our 
single outstanding issue with that has to do with the documentation.  But 
that's still in progress.

If you decide you would like to take me up on this offer, please do so as a 
group.  This would be a pretty significant investment in what little free 
time I have.  Although, I seem to be getting more of that back since 
starting a new job.

If you guys do decide you'd like to take me up on the offer, then I have a 
few suggestions for you to consider with respect to how the project gets 
laid out.  Nothing is mandatory, but simple changes can benefit all.

Here's what I put together for the Struts maven-based build.

I run a single crob job on a dell laptop that does an update from svn and 
then kicks off Maven and ends doing an scp of the resulting build artifacts 
to this location:

(oh, and don't worry about the bomb icon, that's what apache http server 
puts for any folders with "core" in the know, in case something 
takes a dump ;)

As you can see from the log last night, the build took approximately 12 
Total build time was about 12 minutes.

Here's an example of what you get for free with Maven:
As you look over that site, keep in mind that all of this was generated from 
a couple of xml build files.  Not a "build.xml" file per se, but with the 
same notion in mind, it is called "project.xml" and describes your project. 
The big difference is that instead of being 870 lines long(as is the current 
build for myfaces/trunk/build/build.xml), the project.xml files under 
struts/current/{subproject} are usually under 100 lines, some only a few 
lines.  Maven is fully integrated with every tool or report under the sun. 
Most of the hand coding needed for Ant builds just isn't needed.  Maven 
already knows you wanted it.

Go ahead and click on "Struts Core" in the navigation box.  Next, click on 
"Project Reports".  Now look through some of those reports.  Each of those 
reports are automatically configured and run based on the existing 
project.xml file.  The useful ones (for me anyway) are the PMD, Simian, and 
JCoverage reports.

Sorry for the long post.

James Mitchell
Software Engineer / Open Source Evangelist
Consulting / Mentoring / Freelance
EdgeTech, Inc.
AIM:   jmitchtx
Yahoo: jmitchtx

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From: "Sean Schofield" <>
To: "MyFaces Development" <>
Sent: Friday, May 27, 2005 1:45 PM
Subject: Re: MyFaces Reorg

On 5/27/05, Grant Smith <> wrote:
>  Sounds reasonable. However, just to be clear... Will new components start
> off in the sandbox, then get promoted to tomahawk, and then finally to
> myfaces ? I guess I don't understand the need for the intermediate step.

No.  Just sandbox to tomahawk.  Tomahawk will be a myfaces subproject
so in that sense the components will be part of myfaces but the idea
is to distinguish myfaces implementation from components + goodies.

>  +1 for myfaces-all.jar, although I don't think it should contain sandbox
> components (which is I think what everyone else is saying).

I agree with you.

>  You mentioned SVN changes / reorg. Would that be a new repository ? If 
> so,
> do we need to request that from the infrastructure people, or can we do it
> ourselves ?

Not sure if we'll need infra help but basically we'll need to create
subrprojects etc and move stuff around.  Most of this I suspect can be
done by the PMC.  Once we get agreement on the jarfiles I will propose
a svn restructure that we can debate.  I'll also get some feedback
from the Struts team who have plenty of experience in this area.
James Mitchell and Martin Cooper have both offered help and ideas on
this in the past so when the time comes we'll try and pull them into
the discussion.

Just to be clear, no new repository would be created.  Just shuffling
of existing stuff.


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